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ASM Automation Sensorik Messtechnik GmbH

ASM Automation Sensorik Messtechnik GmbH

Company Background:

ASM is a leading manufacturer of innovative sensor solutions for displacement, angle and inclination. Based on over 35 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of position sensors, the company offers superior quality solutions for industrial applications and research using the latest technologies.

Displacement. Angle. Inclination.
With seven innovative product lines, ASM offers a comprehensive product program including sensor solutions for displacement, angle, and inclination measurement:

• POSIWIRE® Cable Extension Position Sensors
• POSITAPE® Tape Extension Position Sensors
• POSICHRON® Magnetostrictive Position Sensors
• POSIMAG® Magnetic Tape Position Sensors

• POSIROT® Magnetic Angle Sensors 
• POSIHALL® Magnetic Multiturn Angle Sensors

• POSITILT® Inclination Sensors

Latest technologies for your sensing needs
ASM’s product program comprises various technologies and offers perfect solutions for manifold applications.

ASM products stand for precision and reliability
ASM position sensors have always been a synonym for superior quality ensuring consistent productivity and smooth operations. The quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and continuous research and development in company-own laboratories guarantee these high quality standards.

ASM – Your partner worldwide
Headquartered in Germany, ASM maintains a worldwide presence through a strategic network of subsidiaries and more than 50 distributors. Being present all over the world, the company ensures closeness to local market needs and quick product and service availability.

  • ASM Automation Sensorik Messtechnik GmbH
    Am Bleichbach 18-24
    85452 Moosinning
    Germany / Europe
    Tel.: +49 8123 986-0
    Fax: +49 8123 986-500
    Web :
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