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Volpi AG

Volpi AG

Company information:

Volpi - Light is vision.

Fiber optics, optics, optoelectronics, engineering, contract manufacturing

Volpi develops and manufactures fiber-optic and optoelectronic systems and devices. In its target markets of life science (diagnostics, biopharma), medical technology, machine vision and industrial endoscopy, Volpi is the strategic partner for sophisticated OEM components, high-quality standard products and private-label solutions.

Core competencies

As we specialize in optics and optoelectronics, we should be your first choice for overall development and production of medical-technical and industrial optical systems.

Our comprehensive technical expertise ranges from selecting a suitable light transmitter, mechanical and optical design and intelligent temperature management all the way to optoelectronic integration in the customer’s application.


We develop precision optical systems in the UV, VIS and IR spectral ranges in accordance with your specifications and utilize the latest photonic production technologies.

As we devise your functional and economically optimal solution, you profit from an interdisciplinary project and development team.

  • Volpi AG
    Wiesenstrasse 33
    8952 Schlieren
    Switzerland / Europe
    Tel.: +41 44 732 4343
    Fax: +41 44 732 4444
    Web :
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